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2013 in Review

Here are some highlights from Glimm’s Workshop in 2013: Most Popular Posts These five posts received the most views in 2013. Both the virtual table and dice probabilities posts were also on last year’s list of popular posts. The character themes post is old (posted 16 May 2011), but seems to have gotten a resurgence […]

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Super Dungeon Explore – Quest Complete!

Over the weekend, I finished painting Starfire and my second kobold ogre, so I’m now the proud owner of a fully painted Super Dungeon Explore base game. Now I’m starting work on the Caverns of Roxor expansion.

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Dragon’s Clutch

I’ve finished painting the dragon denizens from my Super Dungeon Explore base game. I still have a second Dragon’s Clutch set that my wife got me as a present, but those are going to wait until I’ve painted Starfire and my second kobold ogre to finish the base game. My goal is to have those […]

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Hacking AGE – Weapons

The Dragon Age RPG includes the stats for the majority of standard quasi-European fantasy weapons, but I’m looking at expanding the list a bit to include weapons from both African and East Asian cultures. Weapon Group Each weapon belongs to a weapon group that is a broad set of weapons such as Axes or Heavy […]

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Hacking AGE – Talents

With my hack of the Dragon Age RPG, most of the changes that I’m making are related to character advancement. In the AGE system a big part of how character’s advance is the talent system. In Dragon Age, talents fill the same design space as feats in d20 system games. Each talent gives characters new […]

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AGE Dice Probabilities

Because I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about hacking the AGE system, I decided to dig into the probabilities involved in its dice mechanic. The AGE system uses a roll of 3d6 + ability versus a target number in order to determine whether actions are successful. Rolling 3d6 gives a distribution of results that is […]

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