Emerald City ComiCon 2013

Last weekend, my wife and I spent both Saturday and Sunday at Emerald City ComiCon. Last year was our first time at the con, but this year was a very different experience. This year, the con was much bigger with twice the floorspace for the exhibition hall and more events spread throughout the convention hall. […]

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Game Night: Tsuro

Welcome to the Game Night Blog Carnival for September! You can get more information about the carnival at the main Game Night site. I first learned about Tsuro from an episode of Tabletop on Geek & Sundry. It looked like a fun game, so I ended up picking up a copy at Gen Con last […]

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Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Fighting Styles

Rock, paper, scissors is a simple game, but it can provide inspiration for more involved game mechanics. The first interesting concept is that each possible move is equal to the others. No matter whether you choose rock, paper, or scissors, you have the same odds of winning assuming that your opponent picks randomly. Second, the […]

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Core Mechanics

Core Mechanics: Hits, Misses, and Armor

Recently I’ve been thinking about attack and damage systems in role-playing games. In Dungeons & Dragons and many other games, there are separate to-hit and damage rolls. This setup allows for easy mechanical distinction between conditions that make an attack more accurate and those that make an attack more damaging. The flip side is that […]

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D&D Classics

The long-awaited return of official Dungeons & Dragons pdf releases happened earlier this month. A selection of pdfs from all versions of D&D is now available on DriveThruRPG as well as a new D&D-only storefront called D&D Classics. While the initial selection is only about 80 books, additional D&D pdfs will be added to the store […]

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Glimm's Workshop

Goals for 2013

While I missed on a lot of my goals for 2012, I’m hoping to do better in 2013. I’m setting some new goals and will be trying to manage my hobby time better so that I make more progress on them than I did last year, particularly for some of the bigger projects. Here are […]

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