I’ve finished painting my Super Dungeon Explore kobolds. With these guys done, I’m working on painting the treasure chests and then the minibosses so that I can run a 2 hero game with fully painted miniatures. Hopefully it won’t take me more than a week or so to get to that point. If you missed […]

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Glimm’s Gamma World Compilation

I’ve been meaning to collect all of my Gamma World pdfs into a single compilation for a while (it was in my list of goals for 2012 after all). I’ve finally managed to get the compilation pdf put together, so here it is for all your Gamma World needs: Also, I’d be interested in adding a […]

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Relic Knights

After seeing Relic Knights at Gen Con last year, I ended up pledging to its Kickstarter campaign. While the game has been delayed (its original target was May with a new target of November), I’m still really looking forward to its arrival. Recently, a new preview pdf of the rulebook was released on the Soda […]

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AGE Bestiary: Giants

AGE Bestiary: Giants is the latest pdf release for the AGE system from Green Ronin. It is a short pdf at only 6 pages of content, but it only costs $1.99. The first section of the pdf offers some very brief background material and game master advice. The background material really feels too brief to be useful, […]

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Numenera: First Thoughts

I was one of the many backers of the Numenera kickstarter last year. I’ve enjoyed games by Monte Cook in the past including Dungeons & Dragons 3e and Arcana Evolved, and the concept of a far-future, technology-is-magic role-playing game sounded interesting. I got my pdf copies of the Core Book and Player’s Guide about two weeks ago and have been […]

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Where’s the Gnome Been?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, hasn’t it? At this rate, I won’t be anywhere close to my goal of 50 posts for the year. I’m at 14 now with the year more than half gone. So, what have I been up to the past couple months? Outside of work and other […]

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