Recommended Sites

While it is no longer getting new posts, At-Will has a treasure trove of great material for D&D 4E.
Critical-Hits is one of the best gaming sites for news and commentary. While a lot of its focus is on D&D, there are also posts covering a range of other games.
  Dragon Age Oracle
Dragon Age Oracle is fan site for the Dragon Age RPG and the AGE system in general. The site gets posts from several contributors, including myself, and is a great source for AGE system news and material.
  In My Campaign
In My Campaign is Keith Davies’ blog about role-playing games. In addition to normal content, he puts together some of the best weekly link roundups that I’ve seen:
  Plot Points
Plot Points is a fan site for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. While the site is relatively new, it already has a good amount of content including data files for villains and heroes.
Some Space to Think
Rob Donoghue’s blog, Some Space to Think, is a good source of game design wisdom. His blog is full of great posts where he shares his thoughts on a particular mechanic or story decision that can be really insightful to someone interested in game design.
 This is My Game This Is My Game
This is My Game was started as a site focused on D&D 4E, but it has branched out to include posts on other games as well. It features regular posts with gaming advice and an excellent monthly monster column. I also write a game-of-the-month column for the site.
  Thoughtcrime Games
A new site by the guys behind At-Will, Thoughtcrime Games features new games, discussions of game mechanics, and short interviews of game designers. While the site is just getting started, I have confidence that the guys working on it will produce some top-notch content.
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