Fantasy AGE Dragonfolk

Here’s another race for Fantasy AGE: the dragonfolk. Dragonfolk are a bit experimental in that I gave them a slight power boost with racial armor and a breath weapon. I think both of those are important aspects of the race, so I wanted to include them. In order to prevent the race from being too […]

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Designing A Fantasy AGE Tiefling

In Fantasy AGE, races have taken the design space that was used for backgrounds in Dragon Age. They provide a set of benefits during character creation and are one of the biggest influences on a low-level character. Like backgrounds in Dragon Age, races in Fantasy AGE offer a mix of fixed benefits and randomly determined […]

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Fantasy AGE Arrives!

If you’re a regular reader, then you should know that I’m a fan of Green Ronin’s AGE system that was introduced in the Dragon Age RPG. A while ago, Green Ronin announced that they would be releasing a version of the AGE system that wasn’t tied to the Dragon Age IP. I’ve never been particularly […]

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Lady Artania

Spellcasting Traditions in AGE

I’ve been thinking about spellcasting in my hack of the Dragon Age RPG for a while. One thing that I’d like to include is differentiation between different types of spellcasters rather than having a single mage class. In particular, I want to represent different types of spellcasters from D&D in AGE so that there is […]

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AGE: Stunts & Saving Throws Don’t Mix

One of my favorite parts of the AGE system used in the Dragon Age RPG is the stunt system. When making an ability check in AGE, you roll 3d6 to get your result. If you succeed and at least 2 of the 3 dice show the same value, then you generate stunt points that can […]

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Ten Truths

Ten Truths – Winners

With voting complete, the winner of the Ten Truths mini-setting contest is Ilcia with almost 50% of the votes. Second place went to Anascaul-on-the-Bay and third place to Aveda. Congrats to all three finalists who should be getting an email later today with the DriveThruRPG gift certificates.

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