Fantasy Age Companion

The Fantasy Age Companion is now available from Green Ronin. You can pre-order the hardcopy or buy the pdf version now. The pdf is also available on DriveThruRPG. It is the third major book for the Fantasy Age line (the other two being the Core Rulebook and the Bestiary), and it includes a bunch of … Continue reading Fantasy Age Companion


An Alternative Stunt Mechanic

Earlier this week, I had an idea for an alternative to the stunt mechanic in the AGE system that I'm interested in trying out at some point. For those of you who aren't familiar with the AGE system, stunts are that system's analog to critical hits and they are one of my favorite parts of … Continue reading An Alternative Stunt Mechanic

Fantasy AGE: Desert Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk have been one of my favorite fantasy races for a long time. They are often depicted as primitive swamp-dwelling tribes, but there are other possibilities for lizardfolk and reptilian humanoids in general. Saurians from the Titansgrave setting are the only official lizardfolk race for Fantasy AGE. The character rules for saurians make them adept with the technology of Titansgrave, but … Continue reading Fantasy AGE: Desert Lizardfolk