Vampires of Kraelund

In the western nation of Kraelund, a secret cabal of vampires is attempting to seize control of the kingdom. Led by Rohan Mellene, the vampires have patiently sown discord between the nation's humans and all outsiders. By cultivating this fear, the cabal has been able to consolidate the power of several noble houses that have fallen under their … Continue reading Vampires of Kraelund


Krazka the Blightbringer

When Krazka was a young warrior, her tribe raided the villages on the eastern edge of the Golmire Swamp. The villages were poorly defended, so the orcs were able to live well off of stolen livestock and supplies without much risk of punishment. Then, a small group of Leminorean adventurers descended into the tribe's cave and slaughtered its warriors … Continue reading Krazka the Blightbringer