The Last Child of Io

Before either the chromatic or metallic dragons were created by Tiamat and Bahamut, there was an older generation of dragons created by Io. Many of these ancient dragons died in the battles of the Dawn War, and only a small number managed to outlive their creator. When their god was sundered by the primordial Erek-Hus, … Continue reading The Last Child of Io


Krazka the Blightbringer

When Krazka was a young warrior, her tribe raided the villages on the eastern edge of the Golmire Swamp. The villages were poorly defended, so the orcs were able to live well off of stolen livestock and supplies without much risk of punishment. Then, a small group of Leminorean adventurers descended into the tribe's cave and slaughtered its warriors … Continue reading Krazka the Blightbringer