The Well of Dreams

The Well of Dreams is a magical site that was inspired by an idea that I had for a precognition mechanic.  The mechanics are intended for use with Dungeons & Dragons 4E, but the basic idea should be pretty easily modified to work with any game system.  The fluff places the site in a ruined … Continue reading The Well of Dreams


Kaldeshan: Broken Empire

Until the conquest of its capital city of Talsh by the Talaran Witch-Queen, the nation of Kaldeshan was the most powerful political and military force in the southern half of Avornea.  Kaldeshani soldiers kept the northern empire of Capasia from influencing the south, enforced stability in the Lake of Steam region, and prevented the infernal … Continue reading Kaldeshan: Broken Empire

Talaran Dragonknight

The elite soldiers of Talara, the Order of Dragon Knights serves as the Witch-Queen’s bodyguard and strike force.  Individual knights can be found throughout Talara commanding companies of soldiers, investigating crimes against the crown, and serving as the Witch-Queen’s local representative. In combat, a dragon knight fights with a combination of martial prowess and arcane … Continue reading Talaran Dragonknight

Legacy of Mulyr’kun Player Packet

Here is the fluff portion of the player’s packet for the campaign I’m going to run in Malune.  In addition to the background info, I prepared several background options for characters along the lines of those presented in the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to start DMing by early February, so I’ve … Continue reading Legacy of Mulyr’kun Player Packet