The following pdfs and other resources are available as free downloads. If you enjoy reading them or have a chance to play with the rules in them, please let me know.

Age of Terror

Age of Terror is a hack for using the Dragon Age RPG to run games in the setting of the Diablo computer games. It includes alternate rules, character backgrounds, a bestiary, and a magic item generator. It is currently a work-in-progress, but it contains enough material to get started and play.

Dungeon Delver Character Theme

Most people avoid the dark places beneath under the surface of the world, but you have always been drawn to them. Whether motivated by curiosity, greed or heroism, you have chosen to brave the dark depths of caverns and ruins of long forgotten civilizations. Like others who have ventured below the surface in search of adventure, you will likely perish and be forgotten, but if you survive, you could become a legend. The Dungeon Delver is a character theme for Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition.

Glimm’s Gamma World Compilation

This is a compilation pdf of the Gamma World posts. It contains 8 archetype origins (Gearhead, Medic, Protector, Ravager, Road Warrior, Scientist, Survivor, and Wanderer), 2 additional origins (Sharkoid and Two-Headed), rules for armor customization, and a short list of locations for my gammafied version of Seattle.

Sword of Terra

Sword of Terra is a game of starship warfare that focuses on battles between capital ships supported by smaller warships and wings of fighters and bombers. I haven’t been doing active work on the game in a while, but I’m going to keep this old playtest version available for download. In addition to this pdf, there are several posts with more information in the  Sword of Terra category. If you want to try out the game, you can download blank ship tokens here


These documents can be used with Word or Open Office for homebrew Gamma World origins and Dungeons & Dragons themes.