Glimm’s Gamma World Compilation

I've been meaning to collect all of my Gamma World pdfs into a single compilation for a while (it was in my list of goals for 2012 after all). I've finally managed to get the compilation pdf put together, so here it is for all your Gamma World needs: Also, I'd be interested in adding a … Continue reading Glimm’s Gamma World Compilation


Game of the Month: Gamma World

A giant two-headed spider, an anti-matter spewing treeman, a living gargoyle, and a robotic replica of Abraham Lincoln bravely ventured through the ruins of Sea-at-Ell to recover stolen medicine from a band of Caws. Along the way, they faced fishmen and their vicious flying fish minions near Pike Palace and fought off giant crabs as they crossed … Continue reading Game of the Month: Gamma World